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Our mission

Provide easy and simple access to information (video content) in order to exchange information between people around the world.


Video content around us changes constantly and inevitably, it is saturated with new technologies and ideas, and people are also constantly improving.

We want to erase the boundaries of education through content created by people and experts from around the world. Not knowing the language should not be an obstacle to gaining new knowledge and skills.

We want to help people get to know each other better and gain recognition in different countries.

1% of each translated video we send to the GiveEasy charity.

You will learn about it later, but you already have the opportunity to become part of a charitable program.

Our team

Grachyov Ilya

The father and founder of the service. Software engineer, 100+ projects, IT Company started from scratch with 50+ employees.
20 years of IT experience

Rybintsev Ivan

Senior Full-Stack Web Developer. Participated in the creation of 2 startups. Experience in IT for 7 years.

Lyan Yuriy

UX/UI designer. 2 years of experience in IT

Ibrayev Samat

Senior Front-End Web Developer. Experience in IT for 5 years.

Alexandrov Maxim

Senior Full-Stack Web Developer. Experience in IT for 5 years.

Intazar Bagdat

Middle Front-End Web Developer. Experience in IT for 2 years.

Koshevoy Stanislav

Middle Back-End Web Developer. Experience in IT for 1 year.

Who are we? What do we do?

We favor success and progress of other people, as we believe the dividing line between us is long gone.

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